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Wheelchair Lifts

Platform Lifts

Designed primarily for wheelchair access these platform lifts can be installed in or outside of homes. An indoor lift takes less space than an elevator and works well with an open floor plan. An outdoor lift operates in all climates and conditions and can be designed to fit into existing structures and landscape. Contact us for more information on lift companies we deal with.

Stair Lifts

If you or a family member has difficulty with stairs, a stair lift can increase independence and quality of life. Attached to a secure rail system, these motorized chairs have many options to suit your needs including fitting to straight stairs or curved .

Home Elevators

Residential elevators provide access & mobility to all levels of your home. There are many elevator designs to suit your needs and tastes. Some designs take up as little space as a closet while others can be spacious enough for a wheelchair and person. Contact us for more information on home elevators.

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