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Accessible Living Spaces

  • Clear open space for ease of movement
  • No visual impediments
  • Flooring – matte finish for wood/tile surfaces; carpets with low pile and secured to the floor
  • Lighting and colour schemes to best suit individual visual needs
  • Textured wall coverings for better hand traction
  • Tables that have legs to provide better support for standing


  • Automatic door openers; delayed action closing mechanisms
  • Light switches at thresholds are within easy reach
  • Widen door ways for manoeuvring
  • Pocket doors
  • Lever style door handles


  • Wide doorways
  • Lower hanging rods and shelves
  • Rods that can be raised or lowered automatically


  • Front loading washers and dryers with dials at the front
  • Folding surfaces


  • Minimize or eliminate glare and reflection off surfaces
  • Dimmer switches to personalize light levels
  • Recessed lighting under stairs


  • Easy to reach; easy to read, large text

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