Helping you live a Barrier-Free life.

Kitchen Renovations

We offer the following barrier-free solutions to full kitchen remodels or accessible retro-fits:

  • Workspaces oriented to left or right handed dominance
  • Storage is accessed easily; sliding or pull out shelves
  • Pull out or drop leaf work spaces
  • Electrical receptacles and light switches within easy reach
  • Single lever faucets with temperature controls to prevent scalding
  • Adjustable counter heights
  • Stoves with ceramic surfaces to easily move pots and pans; controls at the side or the front to prevent reaching over hot elements
  • Ovens at counter height with space to manoeuvre closely and place items on counter easily
  • Tile floors with abrasive surface to prevent slipping; small joints between tiles for smoother surfaces for walking or rolling
  • Overall kitchen design that maximizes work flow and simplifies tasks
  • As much continuous work space as possible

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